BA steward found dead with sock covered in sex drug in his mouth as friend waited outside room

Flight attendant Liam Humphreys was found dead by a friend he is believed to have invited back to his flat for sex .. A British Airways steward died during a bizarre fetish by sticking a sock into his mouth covered in a sex drug as his friend waited outside.

International flight attendant Liam Humphreys, 27, put the garment in his mouth – but was found dead on the bed by a pal who became concerned and came into the room.

An inquest heard Liam had earlier asked barworker Carl Howard to leave the bedroom because he wanted to be alone.

The former dance student – who worked as cabin crew on long haul flights for BA – then stuffed a sock with Poppers-like spray into his mouth.

Liam Humphreys was found face down with the sock in his mouth
Liam Humphreys was found face down with the sock in his mouth (Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

Friend Carl came back ten minutes later from the living room to find Liam face down on the bed.

The inquest heard Carl “screamed” Liam’s name and as he turned him over on the bed he found a sock in Liam’s mouth.

Giving evidence at the inquest, Carl said: “We had a physical relationship in the past and I went in there with that expectation.

Liam had invited another man back to his flat for sex
Liam had invited another man back to his flat for sex (Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

“He said he wanted to sort some stuff out. I was in the living room and he was in the bedroom.

“The phone rang and he didn’t answer it. It rang again and I thought he must be busy.

“I got up to see why he wasn’t answering. He was laying on the bed on his front. I tried to go over and shook him and said his name and there was just nothing to him.

“There was a sock in his mouth. I picked it up and threw it. I tried to wake him up and screamed his name.”

Liam asked to be left alone in the bedroom
Liam asked to be left alone in the bedroom (Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

The inquest in Cardiff heard Carl called 999 and paramedics desperately tried to save him at his home in Atlantic Wharf, Cardiff.

He was pronounced dead in the early hours of the morning.

Liam was pronounced dead at the flat in Cardiff in January this year after he’d been to a party for friend who was joining BA.

Police officers attended the scene and found two socks, in separate locations, a bottle of poppers and a tin of chloroethyl spray.

Liam was not a known drug user but had mentioned using the spray in the past (Photo: WALES NEWS SERVICE)

A post mortem examination found Liam’s cause of death was exposure to ethyl chloride, alcohol and upper airways obstruction.

Liam was not a known drug user to his friends but one message on his phone revealed he had taken the spray a year earlier.

The inquest heard the examination of the sock found that it contained alcohol and ethyl chloride.

Coroner Philip Spinney said: “It is most likely that Liam inhaled the spray in order to experience the effects of the spray and tragically this led to his death.

Verdict: Misadventure.