This Man Ordered a Gluten-Free Meal on a Flight. Take a Look at What He Got

When flying, it’s best not have great expectations.

That way, anything pleasant that happens — anything at all — will be a lovely surprise.

Imagine, though, the feelings of Brit Martin Pavelka.

He was flying All Nippon Airways from Tokyo to Sydney and, given that he suffers from celiac disease, he ordered a gluten-free meal.

When it arrived, he must have wondered about the meaning of life. He also wondered who had been sufficiently bent out of shape to play such a prank.

The meal was a banana. Yes, one.

Helpfully, though, it was marked GF. It was also accompanied by condiments, because you never know when you might want to enhance your banana with a little salt and pepper.

There was a knife and fork too, so that he could really make a meal of it.

Pavelka told the Telegraph: “All other passengers were served a full breakfast meal consisting of eggs, sausage, mushrooms, bread, and yogurt.”

Sadly — and rather obviously — the banana didn’t quite satiate.

I contacted All Nippon Airways to ask whether some passengers should think of it as Not Quite All Nippon Airways. I will update, should a top banana get back to me.

Naturally, Pavelka said he complained to the flight attendant.

“I asked ‘is this a joke?’ he told the Standard. “She just said ‘I’m really sorry, that’s the gluten-free meal.'”

It seems there wasn’t even another banana available with which to feed him.

Worse, he said other passengers chuckled at his predicament. Which does venture to the margins of mean.

Though his story does offer a painful glimpse into the angsts of flying — even when, like Pavelka, you’ve paid $1,200 for your ticket.

I, though, prefer to see hope in all things.

I’m uplifted, therefore, that it isn’t just US airlines that can treat their passengers like convicts on an Australia-bound ship, there to just row with the flow.