This Ryanair pilot has taken the internet by storm after showing off her amazing lifestyle on Instagram

It’s safe to say that flying with Ryanair isn’t the most glamorous experience in the world.

But one of the airline’s pilots is changing our minds after gaining thousands of fans with her dreamy Instagram posts.

Michelle Gooris, 25, from Amsterdam, first took to the skies four years ago after two years of intense training.

Now, her life is as exciting as any travel bloggers’.

When she’s not taking budget flyers to their destinations, she’s filling up her social media with pictures brimming with wanderlust.

‘I first got into flying when I was 16, while my friends were starting to look at colleges and where they wanted to be later in life,’ Gooris said in one of dozens of Youtube videos where she talks about her mile-high life.

Gooris enrolled in medical school in Amsterdam after leaving high school, but didn’t enjoy university life.

‘I couldn’t see myself walking those hallways, studying like that. It didn’t interest me at all.’

Her grandfather inspired her to think about aviation. While Gooris was working out what to do with her life, he had just received his pilot licence at the age of 74.

‘All of a sudden, my grandfather said to me: “why don’t you become a pilot?”‘

Her interest in maths and science meant that she was already in a good position to start training to become a pilot. She began researching aviation schools as she fell in love with the idea of flying planes for a living.

‘Every time I visited another school I became more and more motivated.’

Her job allows her to travel the globe, taking in natural wonders like the Grand Canyon.

And sometimes, she gets to be the passenger.

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But despite Gooris’ enviable career, she claims she enjoys the flights more than the holidays.

‘People think from looking at my Instagram that I’m on holiday all time,’ She told the Mirror, ‘but it’s not all about lying on beaches.’

Gooris shows off the luxurious side to commercial flying and teaches her followers how complicated it can be.

‘We change numerous frequencies, ask for shortcuts and brief each other about every single detail we might expect during the arrival/landing phase of the flight,’ she said on Instagram.

‘Checklists and strict procedures are literally everywhere, all to keep it as safe as possible.’

Last year, Gooris completed her training with Ryanair.

‘I love my job and the places it takes me. The amazing locations I get to visit are just a bonus.’