Woman who ‘spat at a flight attendant and swore at passengers on Air New Zealand flight before screaming at the plane to “go faster”‘ is charged with assault

A female passenger has been charged with assaulting a woman after allegedly spitting at a flight attendant and swearing at crew and passengers aboard an Air New Zealand flight.

It is alleged that Kiri Marsh, 32, stood in the aisle of the plane yelling ‘go faster’ as it descended into Christchurch airport on May 24.

Police were contacted and were waiting for flight NZ559’s arrival from Auckland around 6.30pm, where Marsh was arrested, Stuff.co.nz reported.

Kiri Marsh allegedly spat and swore at staff aboard the Air New Zealand flight bound for Christchurch after departing from Auckland

Police embarked the plane when it landed in Christchurch on May 24 after being informed a woman aboard the aircraft had refused to take her seat when asked

Marsh was given a registrar’s remand on Tuesday at the Christchurch District Court, meaning she wasn’t present at court, with her next court appearance on June 13.

According to a passenger, Marsh allegedly rolled a cigarette and waved it around as she refused to sit down when asked.

‘She wouldn’t sit in her seat and she was just being completely disruptive and disrespectful,’ the passenger said.

Another passenger claimed Marsh was sprawled across the floor at the Auckland airport departure gate before getting on the plane.

An image of from one of the windows on the plane show Kiri Marsh being escorted away by two police officers assisted by airport security

‘She was yelling abuse at people, she was incoherent. She was yelling but you couldn’t actually understand what she was saying,’ the witness told Stuff.co.nz.

When Marsh was eventually arrested and handcuffed, it is understood a round of applause from passengers broke out in the cabin.

She was remanded on bail, without plea.

Other passengers aboard flight NZ559 alleged that Marsh was seen on the floor of the airport before boarding the aircraft